This is just a random post inspired by some of the men and women I interact with and from personal experiences. I will combine some of the points to make it shorter. I will also leave out the basic points like faithfulness etc etc. Everyone knows those points. 

The modern man likes women who are; 
1. Confident: the days of pretending to be docile to win a man is over. Men love women who exhume confidence “in their skin”.
2. Intelligent: intelligence does not mean knowing that 2+2 is 4. It’s about being able to take in an environment and adapt accordingly. Men have “funny” ways of thinking and expressing themselves. U must be able to understand the guy’s lingo and be able to carry on an intelligent conversation. Men sometimes put up a front about being strong, but when they open up to u, they are expecting u to assist with some smart suggestions.
3. Ambitious: If a woman meets a man who is intimidated by her ambition the woman should flee from the man. After this post i will write about what women want in men. The modern man is attracted to a woman who sets goals and works her socks off to achieve them.
4. Silly: men love women who are silly , not too uptight, have a sense of humour and can chip in a prank or 2 of her own periodically. Men don’t only want a chick, they want a friend and a play mate.
5. Independent: men want women who can take care of themselves, take smart decisions on behalf of the family and does not always have to revert to the man. Truth is men are usually poor managers of the home and poor at multi-tasking so we need independent women who can take charge of issues and take the right decisions. Men do not what women are also too clingy. Allied to the point of independence is the Issue of being independent-minded without being stubborn.
6. Environmentally-conscious: some women do not know where and when to speak or not to speak. When u’re hanging out with his friends you don’t always have to be willing to jump into the conversations. U don’t have to be all over the place. Smile politely and sometimes grit ur teeth even if u want to tell one of the boys he’s not making sense. U must be aware of the environment. 
7. Sexy n neat: men adore sexy women… I know I know what a sexy woman is but I don’t know how to describe sexy. Lol. U must dress well, dress appropriately, neat, organized and smell good!!! Smelling good doesn’t mean u must use an overpowering perfume, u just use the appropriate perfume.
Over the weekend I asked one of my boys about a girl he fancied and he said “Charlie, I had to let her go cos she’s not too neat”. I have mentioned this on Facebook before that about 10years ago I attended a party and danced with some pretty chick but her hair smelt so badly that though I took her number I never called. 
8. Respectful: u must respect your man. Respect his thoughts, his feelings and opinions. It doesn’t mean agreeing with everything he says. If u disagree with him on an issue, point it out intelligently and he will appreciate u more. Don’t talk down on him in the presence of your friends and don’t allow ur friends to talk down on him in ur presence.
9. Bold, Adventurous, unpretentious and Forthright: the modern man wants women who are honest and will look you in the eye and tell you how they feel. If u’re horny tell him u’re horny. Many women are too hypocritical thinking that if they make certain moves they may be seen as “spoilt”. Wrong move!!! If u’re boring, a man’s attention span focused on u is very limited. Men like women who can excite them even if they are miles away. 
By Nana Yaw Kesse. He’s a donor for my charity event and he shared it on his Facebook and thought of sharing with you. Will update you when the next is up. 

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