So I, Kwesi Bekoe said I needed to write something or say something which I just couldn’t put in words yesterday. I just don’t know but I think I shouldn’t have known some things. I should be naïve just to think that there is no other place apart from where I am staying or no other people apart from those I know. Oh okay would that have made me happy enough? As a human I just can’t keep mute when things are going bad, but who hears my voice among the cacophony of voice? Who will read my mind? I always pray for my family and friends around the globe for protection from God. Oh are whites the only culprit of racism? Maybe no but they are the MAJORITY. When a white visit a black country do they get the kind of treatment we receive when we visit their land? What do they see when they see me? Do they see me as human, a black person or a boy? How do I identify them when I see them? Do I describe them as white people or a god which most of my people see them to be? What is the measure used to call someone a black or a white? Am I sounding like a racist? Maybe yes depending on the type of glasses you’re wearing. I think it’s enough living among people who wouldn’t love you as a human but see you a black or white person before so I agree with Ms. Manful when she says it’s so hard to live in this world that old white men created – especially if you’re just an ordinary black person. Trying to understand how hard it is for a fellow human to live among his fellow-men. Are we living in a beautiful world with ugly people or an ugly world with beautiful people? I don’t like writing when I am ‘emopassionate’ because I tend to ask questions that will get those who don’t think like me angry and I need not to be sorry about that. I am trying hard not to think about politics in Ghana and things that happen around me but I am blind not dumb.
American has been one of the countries I have always admired and still do. Have heard so many nice things about the world’s most powerful country [only powerful during wars and invading but not protecting it citizens. It’s just like a Father who abuses the wife and kids at home and sits on the front pew to receive the Holy Communion.] If I will not love America for anything I will for letting me be aware that it’s not a safe place for me to visit with the type of skin colour I have though I have many love ones there. It hurt my heart when an American tells an American s/he is not an America. Who is an American then? What makes an American? Trust me…if black people were as violent as you are made to be seen  out there, we would have burned this country, America down a long time ago. The country that wants to help end slavery and can’t help to control racism acts and comments? A country where it’s not safe for a black teen to wear a hood? First the white men came to our lands in Africa where we were minding our own damn business, looted our gold and art (some spent decades trying to prove we didn’t make such fine art that they were incapable of making themselves) Then they destroyed our cities and stole our people away to Europe & the Americas and forced them to be slaves in the most inhumane… most evil… most horrendous circumstances.
These white people, they whipped our people, treated them like animals, they killed them.
Hundreds of years later and they are still doing this to our people and it hurts so damn much.
I’m reading news and tweets from Ferguson and I’m tired all this crap. Like, you won’t make reparations, okay fine. Just let us live in peace then. It’s so unfair that young black men get killed for holding a toy gun but a young white man gets calmly talked to and asked to lay down his weapon after shooting up a cinema. I’m so tired of it all and it hurts so much because I know it will never end. Like, why didn’t they just leave us alone in our continent in the first place? Why enslave us, stole from us, destroy our monuments and colonize us. What the fuck did we do to deserve this shit? How can all this just be because we were created/born with a different skin colour?
You can’t escape this world that old white men created. If they left you in Africa, they left you in countries that they carved up because of natural resources… with no fucking concern for the people and clans they separated. They left you in countries poised to fail at independence because they had stolen so much from them and they controlled the markets and EVERYTHING. The irony of DEMOCRACY in the land it was born was Ghadaffi was killed for it and Brown dies in it but no JUSTICE for him? Or the saying of the lord Jesus that a prophet have no honor in his hometown working now? Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress. How honest are the systems in America with the blacks and the poor? Mike Brown probably watched the Trayvon Martin murder like this would’ve been me. Then it was him. Who’s next? Will the next person be only beloved cousin Emma? GOD FORBID *in a Nigerian tone of a worried mother who have had a nightmare about her son. I know I am just asking questions but they just can’t get off my mind. Do black teens have a future in America? You see, when Mr Nelson Mandela was released from prison and during his Europe and America tour when he met former President Clinton, what was Americas stand during those times in South Africa. Does it feel right when you want to end slavery and fuel racism by not giving fair judgement against the black minority? Would it have taken a UN intervention when if white was killed by a black in a black community? And if you got a president that wasn’t a fucking stooges and looked like he was leading the country to some semblance of dignity, they killed him and/or guided your country gently into civil war.
If you’re an ordinary black person, once you step outside your continent (except North Africa & South Africa and Trassaco Valley), everywhere you go in this world your chances of being treated like an animal increase exponentially. Even in India, where the people were colonized and enslaved too, because they have fairer skin and straighter hair, they feel they’re better than you and they might kill you.
They love our buttocks and penises and music and clothes and athleticism and our “black culture”, but they never loved us.
And if you die & you were bad, you go to hell and suffer. If you die a good person, you go to heaven with old white God where you’re still a second class citizen because everybody knows white people sit closer to Old White God on his right hand side. My heart aches when I think about the American motto ‘In God we trust’ can the ordinary black boy trust in this American God?
NB; I have the right to my post and you have the right on how you understand this. Hope this post will not turn my relationship with some of you sour. If it does, may the Lord be with you on your life journey without my friendship.- Reuben Griffiths Kwesi Bekoe

Credits IbeeGh & Ms. K Manful.

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