Ibee is no stranger to struggle and hardship being 2 of 2 children living on his own. 21 year-old Ibee is making a name for himself with his latest single darker world, bright skies. Along with his team LnCP. Ibee is slowly but steadily building his momentum for his début and promises not to disappoint once it’s his turn! He takes time to have to have a live chat with his fans on twitter. Which he shares with us his story?
An old student of Nifa senior high school in the eastern part of Ghana, where he was known as ‘Ibeenem’ for doing Eminem’s raps to the beats made by his friends from the table. A last of two, Ibee started with free styling among schools battles until he came out with his 1st single Re-preach which he was inspired by the instrumentals. He also gets inspiration from the things around him and the loss of his mother.Growing up in a place where rap music is an adopted child, his music is always communicating. His motives for writing music are changing the mentality of the youth that it can only be done when you’re rich, telling societal problems using his music. One of his gracious moments was when he had his 1st airplay on a nation radio.
He is currently working with UNICHEM, a pharmaceutical company but hopes to study communication in one of the universities in the country. He looks up to work with the big boys in the Ghanaian music industry like EL, Manifest & Jayso on his up coming gospel. He advices up coming artists to be their selves don’t work harder in life. He believes young talents should be invested him and given the opportunity to prove their worth. He extended his gratitude to his loyal fans, friends, family and his team and producers.
Read below for the chat.
KenteGB: Who is Ibee?
Ibee: Full name is Ibrahim Abdallah. Last of a family of two and ermm does rap music. Yup
KenteGB: How did he get interest in the music thing?
Ibee: My first record made me realize I could do it.
: KenteGB what inspired the re-preach song? Ibee.
Ibee: The instrumentals did.
KenteGB: Who did the instrumentals?
Ibee: It was lecrae’s beat. But I did my version.
KenteGB: How would you describe your music for the Ghanaian audience? Rap music may not well accepted here. If you had to describe your music in three or four words, what would you call it?

Ibee: Music you can jam and same time relate to. I communicate with my music, lyrics always communicating.
KenteGB: What was the first song that you ever sang/ did? How did it make you feel?
Ibee: The 1st I did was ‘better days’ was my first record and ft  & I was in high school then. Everyone loved it because it was inspirational. It made me feel like “yo, we just started” but listening to it now, I realized I sounded funny on it. Maybe it’s because I’ve improved.
KenteGB: So that means you were your school’s Ne-yo? Or Chris Brown? Being smart has been part of you since creche. Nice swerve.
Ibee: Lol, my boys called me ‘ibeenem” (Eminem). Maybe I was him in their eyes. We used to play silly beats with our desks in class when there’s no teacher. We all freestyle and everyone liked my flow in a funny way. You know high school boys like hip hop. I always delivered hip hop flows. Laughs.
KenteGB: As an upcoming rapper who do you look up to and who is your favorite rapper in Gh? Anyone you would want to work with someday?
Ibee: is my favorite. I would love to work with these two and   someday and any good talent.
KenteGB: What are your immediate music career goals? (Next 1 to 3 years.)?
 Ibee: playing shows after shows.
KenteGB: Shows after shows you said but how much would you want to be paid for? Knowing Underground rappers don’t get much.
Ibee: As long as everyone loves and enjoy what I do, it’s enough payment. Will be good to  be around 3 or four figures. But the cash reward or anything should quite heavy. Lol. I think up coming talents should be invested in & should be paid well too.
KenteGB: You’ve heard of the term “starving artists”before, how do you cope with major obstacles? What has been the biggest challenge for you?
Ibee: When I lost my first love (mum) everything else crushed; I lost everything. Prayer and determination also helps. I’m always strong. My sister and lady does inspire me too. She has always had my back.
KenteGB: Do you have any plans of doing gospel music in the near future?
Ibee: Yes. Actually my next release will be one. Watch out!
KenteGB: Any advice to young artists like yourself who are too afraid to be themselves? In your opinion who would you compare your rap style with?
Ibee: Honestly I don’t do comparison. I do me. That makes me feel way better. I have mentors but I don’t want to be like them. They help me but they don’t decide for me. We’re all unique. Being yourself makes you confident. Try.
KenteGB: What do you do for fun?
Ibee: I play video games. I would want someone to challenge me sometime. I think you should. Lol.
KenteGB: I will. Thank you for your time today. It was fun having you.
Ibee: Pleasure for hosting me. Had fun too.
Listen & download his songs, Dark World, Bright Skies (Ft Laces) & Re-Preach
Follow him on twitter with @IbeeGH

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