Water & Sanitation

Water is a life they said. As a student of the Takoradi Technical University, I have seen the challenges student go through to get water on campus. In place of this, I have made it one of my TOP priorities to find a lasting solution to the water crisis on campus by adding this the already existing poly tanks provided by the school to the various halls, harvesting of water and the drilling of boreholes [2] to support the old one located at the former SRC building. These measures will be put in place to solve these problems.

Also, another challenging thing seen and faced that doesn’t speak well of students is how we openly defecate whenever the taps are not running. In light of this, I hope to build a 12-seater biogas toilet facility on both campuses to address this problem. I will be working hand-in-hand with the district and municipal assembly to ease the pressure on the SRC and its finances.

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