When I die,

Will my death become a lie

Where I selfishly lie comfortably lie in my unseen house in pain

Will that be an opportunity for someone to see it as a gain

When I die,

Will someone seize the day a wealth creation

And leave my pair in a health destruction

When I die,

Will the six eyes I have to feed become a weed

Because I died with no will but left a bill

How long will my twitter followers follow me to my grave

Or how many facebook friends will see my face and book me as a friend

When I die,

How fast will my family be to depose me because they’re shy I’ll smell

Are these not the same people who complimented my perfume

Will I be a Hero or a villain

When I die,

What will I be missed for? My personality or my person

When I die,

I shall rest in peace ✌️. 

When I die, I want my burial to be attended by 26 people. Cremate me! My burial isn’t where I will get a family I never had! Most Ghanaians and Africans find joy when it’s time for funeral; this is the time houses are painted, people get new clothes and budget for the profits. I hope to die with my children, wife and family at peace ✌️. If you hear of my death ?, let my family know about this wishes. I will leave a WILL not a BILL. 

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