When I die,
Will my death become a lie?
When I selfishly lie comfortably in my unseen house of pain
Will that be an opportunity for someones gain?
When I die,
Will someone seize the day to be a wealth creation?
And leave my pair in health destruction
When I die,
Will the six eyes I have to feed become a weed?
Because I died with no will but left a bill
How long will my twitter followers follow me to my grave?
Or how many of Facebook friends will see my face and book me as a friend
When I die,
How quick will my family be to depose me because they’re shy I’ll smell
Are these different people who complimented my global man perfume scent?
When I die,
Will I be a Hero or a villain?
Because my work on the earth is done or I left some in sadness
What will I be missed for? My personality or sexuality
When I die,
Will my death appear as tragedy or comedy?
Whose love will I carry?
When I die,
Will that be when the world know I was a coward solider
Who died with a buried treasure?
By not letting those he held dear know his feelings
When the truth will be unsaid and falsehood reign?
When I die,
I wish for the wish I never wished for, to wish for a wish I wish I wished.
When I die,
Please remember me by burying me in December.
When I die,
I want to rest in peace.

I putted this piece together by imagining myself dead and what I want to know when I die. I may not have let you know my feelings for you but I do. Please if you get the chance to know that am dead, please make this piece available to my family[@wannyfelix].

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