We all have had great plans for this year, 2015. It’s not bad to have them but what are the actions we are putting in. We have new ‘New Year’ resolutions each year but have we asked ourselves why we didn’t become great with our old plans? The New Year doesn’t come with magic, it takes us to make and be the change we want. There’s no new year but there is a change in date. It’s the continuation of what we couldn’t finish the previous day and time to make amends. I want us to believe that if we couldn’t complete our said goals in the previous year we shouldn’t give up but fight to make it count the next year. Nothing changed this year; we have 24 hours every day in this year too to make it count.
We are all born with empty brains and empty lives. Then we start growing up, and start making choices and decisions in our lives which ultimately determines how happy or unhappy, how successful or miserable, how great or mediocre we end up becoming. Those who are great among us are those who realized on time that who they become in life solely depends on them, and therefore they made conscious efforts to become great against all odds. Just like Barack Obama who has written his name on the everlasting sands of time, said “Our destiny is not written for us, but by us.” Failures are those who believe that their destiny is in God’s hands, and thus are continually hoping and waiting for God. But God is not partial, and that’s why when we’re born, God gives us all equal opportunities and inalienable rights to become whoever we want and create our own destiny. Some give up their rights along the way and lose the fight, while others keep fighting and eventually become great despite the overwhelming challenges they had to endure and the obstacles and adversities they had to overcome. A typical example is Joseph. His own brothers betrayed him, tried to kill him, and eventually sold him into slavery. Then he ended up in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. But despite his ordeal, he never gave up his right or the fight for his dream which he had when he was little and in his father’s house. He could have ruined his destiny if he had slept with his master’s wife who tried to seduce him. He could have also ruined his destiny if he had given up hope and stopped trying to fulfill his dreams while he was incarcerated. But Joseph held on to his dream, even though it was all he had left. So don’t give up, my friend. Keep believing and holding on to your dream, and one day you’ll become great. Even though I’m very happy and successful at this point in my life, there was a time in my life when I was so unhappy and a failure. I thought I wasn’t ever going to make it, and I almost gave up my dream! The only reason I didn’t give up was the incessant little voice in my head that kept saying to me “If you give up your dream, you’ll live the rest of your life miserable and ashamed of yourself. But if you keep trying, there’s still a chance, and you never know what tomorrow will bring“. So I kept trying, and I held on to my dream even though it was the only thing I had left. Today my dream has come true, and I’m happy I didn’t give up! I now have bigger dreams, and I’ve learnt the secret: “If you never give up, sooner or later your dream will come true

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